The USPS is crap

December 13, 2009 at 12:01 pm | Posted in Rants | 3 Comments

I noticed a while back that I wasn’t getting much mail beyond junk mail and grocery advertisements.  I thought it was a bit odd, but since I pay most bills online these days and don’t receive paper statements anymore I was not worried.  Until I received an email from my car insurance company saying the renewal papers and identity cards were in the mail. . . and they never arrived.  Over the past ten delivery days, I have received one piece of junk mail, an online order that was left on the doorstep, and nothing from the insurance.  I went to the USPS website and filled out a form for customer service reporting my problem and I’m waiting for a response.

Today I got an email from a company whose bill I pay online (but paper bills still get mailed).  Apparently the post office returned the mail and said I don’t live here anymore.  WTF? I didn’t turn in a change of address and I’ve been picking up the junk mail.  Why send back my regular mail?  Even more crazy, why send back regular mail but deliver a package?   I know a lot of people leave these rentals after a year, but I’m still here and it would have been obvious that I am if procedures were followed.  I read the procedures mail carriers are supposed to follow before suspending service on the website.  My carrier didn’t even come close and I’m beyond irritated.

I’m waiting on a few important pieces of mail and I’m pretty sure this is going to totally screw up the delivery.  One of them is undoubtedly already on the way back to the sender.

Bonehead moves like this are part of the reason why the postal service can’t make a profit.



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  1. Just think what’s gonna happen with health care. Hope your important mail arrives.

  2. The important mail hasn’t arrived yet, but they claim they are delivering to me again. We’ll see. Government run single payor healthcare is one of my personal nightmares!

  3. Wow, was flipping through old posts and saw your link. We don’t even talk anymore. Sad. Hopefully you have found peace and love and understanding.

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