What’s your type?

December 29, 2008 at 9:09 pm | Posted in Bizarre News | 3 Comments

I’ve always been fascinated by the different attempts made throughout history to explain human behavior and the human psyche based upon biological (or pseudo-biological) factors. I actually remember writing a paper in junior high about the theory of the four humours and someday hope to own a ceramic phrenology head.

A while back I read an article that reminded me of the four humours. I have to admit that I was somewhat surprised to read about this coming from a country with a fairly modern scientific bent. Apparently the Japanese are a bit obsessed with understanding the meaning of blood types. Three of the top five best-selling books in Japan in 2008 were about the meaning of blood types. According to this article, blood type mania is widespread.

Daytime TV shows offer “blood horoscopes”, while on sale are all manner of items supposedly tailored to each of the four blood groups, anything from chewing gum to condoms to bath salts – a relaxing, blue concoction for the sensitive type A.

Companies have been known to appoint employees to jobs based on their blood type, while dating agencies rank this genetic nugget alongside education and salary in recommending a male suitor.

Blood type-mania has a darker side. It has been blamed for bullying among kindergarten children, denying jobs to otherwise ideal candidates and ending happy relationships, all because of an imagined haematic mismatch.

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea blood type is this important! Lucky for me, I seem to have a pretty good blood type (O -). Depending on the source you reference, I am either: “Decisive, self-confident, curious, and ideal for sport” or “Trendsetting, passionate, vain, self-confident, loyal”. I hit the jackpot with this one!



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  1. Well, I’m O neg too and I’m neither self-confident nor “trendsetting”. WTF!

  2. The descriptions don’t fit me perfectly either LT. N, but I like them better than what some of the other types got!

    In all seriousness, I’m still kind of shocked that decisions about who to hire for jobs are sometimes made based on blood type… and curious how they use it for the dating matching services.

    Whatever the details are, it’s about as logical as zodiac signs.

  3. I’m O negative too, maybe that’s why we have been friends for the last umpteen years? Gunner is A+ and his says “Type A Reserved and prone to worry, sensitive perfectionists such as Britney Spears and Adolf Hitler.” Great….he does have a few smooth dance moves….

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