Thanksgiving (Belated)

November 29, 2008 at 5:14 pm | Posted in Dogs, Jesse | 2 Comments

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I had been invited to a co-worker’s home to celebrate and was looking forward to the day, but plans changed.  When I got home from work Tuesday night Jesse was lethargic and very much not himself.  I took him to the vet on Wednesday and she took some blood, ran a few other tests and gave him a physical.  She sent us home with some prescriptions and an appointment for a follow-up visit today.  Jesse hadn’t eaten on Wednesday (very unusual for him) and still didn’t look good, so I decided to stay home on Thursday.

Wednesday night I purchased a turkey breast and cooked it in the crockpot with some vegetables on Thursday.  It turned out pretty good which kind of surprised me- I’ve never cooked a turkey breast in a crockpot before.  Here is a picture of it when it was about an hour away from being done:

Not the clearest picture ever because of the steam, but it was good.  Jesse still wasn’t himself and spent most of the day on the same spot of the living room carpet like this:

This isn’t normal for him.  Even worse, he was hardly eating at all.  I finally got him interested in boiled chicken with rice and he at pretty well.  It was a long day though.  Today he saw the regular vet who had some test results back from Wednesday (bloodwork) and the results weren’t all good.  They weren’t the worst case scenario either, but it’s still not clear exactly what is going on.  Right now he is sitting at a local specialty clinic and hopefully just finished the x-rays and ultrasound in addition to a few other assorted tests.  The veterinarian we saw is supposed to call me as soon as the radiologist gives him a report on the ultrasound.  I’m worried about him.



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  1. The food looks good, but poor Jesse!!! Off to read the rest of your posts, so I can catch up since you never call. :(

  2. It’s hard to call with the differences in time zone and my new early bedtime. You know how I am about mornings! We did talk last night though :)

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