My Exciting Saturday Night (with video)

November 29, 2008 at 11:09 pm | Posted in Dogs, Jesse | 4 Comments

I put an update on Jesse’s condition at the end of the post- he’s doing really well. He’s still in the hospital though and I spent part of my Saturday night visiting him. I brought him some of his food from home (which he ate- a very good sign) and a stuffed frog toy. This particular toy is his all-time favorite and I always have at least one new one on hand. He’ll keep the toy intact for anywhere from a few minutes to a few months. It seems to be totally random. However, there is always a point when he decides it’s time to rip the toy open, find the squeaker and remove all of the stuffing from inside the toy. I take away the squeaker, throw away the stuffing and give him back the carcass which he plays with for months. He had an intact frog when we left NJ that got ripped open sometime in the last two weeks. It’s pretty pitiful looking and I didn’t want to seem any stranger than I probably already do to the hospital staff, so I chose to bring him a brand new one rather than bring the carcass in for him to play with (even though he would have loved the carcass). Come to think of it, most people I tell about the carcass think I’m strange for just calling it that.

Because of the kind of procedures and tests he needed today, Jesse had to get some fur shaved off. He has a bare belly and a patch with no fur on one of his front legs where they placed the IV. It’s a good thing he isn’t self-conscious about a bare belly!

On the way home I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. My Saturday night fun and excitement was visiting my dog at the emergency animal hospital. That and learning the results from today’s tests. He’s very important to me and I was worried that they were going to find something seriously wrong. You have no idea how relieved I was that they didn’t. Anyway, as I was driving home and laughing at myself I kept thinking of this song:

It’s an “Oldie” as far as country songs go in my book, but it’s an Oldie that I like.

Medical Status: The test results are in. On the good side, Jesse does not appear to have lymphosarcoma (Yay!) and his renal functions have responded very well to the IV fluids. Two renal function values were way out of whack before and one value is back to normal and the other is almost there. He had an abdominal ultrasound and the liver didn’t look quite right but the rest of his internal organs were fine. The vet performed a fine needle aspiration of the liver and the results, while not normal, are not indicative of liver disease when combined with normal liver function on his bloodwork (Yay!). The cystocentesis showed that he has quite the bladder infection going on with lots of bacteria floating around. It will take a few days for the culture and sensitivity information to come back, but antibiotics should clear the infection up. The really good part about all of this is that the neurological symptoms he was displaying might be related to the problems in renal function- particularly since there have been improvements in the neurological exam as his results on the bloodwork have improved. One of the sets of x-rays did show some arthritis in his back hips/legs, but he’s almost 11. That’s definitely in the elderly range for a golden and arthritis is very treatable. There is still a chance of some type of disc or spinal problem, but I hope not. Arthritis alone will be much easier to treat. If his lab results continue to improve the way they have so far, I should be able to pick him up tomorrow.



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  1. I’m sooooo glad that it wasn’t anything serious. Poor little guy looks worn out there.

  2. Sorry about your doggy!

  3. Thank you both. He’s doing MUCH better now. So much better in fact that he was on the bed when I came back into the bedroom after my shower this morning. He’s allowed on the bed, so it wasn’t a problem, but it was the first time he’d jumped up there in over a week! It made me happy to see him there.

  4. I’m glad he’s ok! He’s so precious…

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