Fall Fun Part 2

October 13, 2008 at 10:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I’ve written before about how some of my personal beliefs have made my co-workers decide that I fall in a certain spot on the political spectrum. In some ways it amuses me given that when I lived in another state I was “located” in a very different spot of the spectrum based upon other beliefs (Apparently encouraging a lesbian co-worker to register for gifts for her commitment ceremony is considered both odd and flamingly liberal in the deep South).

In both of these specific instances I was quite irritated at the assumptions people made about my beliefs as a whole based on my reaction to one specific situation or issue. I like to think that maybe it’s because I really don’t fit either of the main stereotypes (liberal or conservative), but it might just be that I’m incredibly stubborn and don’t like other people telling me they know what I think about everything based on one piece of information.

It would appear that I now have people somewhat confused and I’ve gone “outside of the box” they put me in. I had an interesting conversation with one of the people I was with on the apple picking adventure and was telling a co-worker about it (yes, the one who called me a “Scary Republican”). Anyway, one of the people in the group and I had an interesting conversation about Community Supported Agriculture. This is something that has interested me for a while and I’ve thought about trying it out. She wants to try out CSA as well and we had a great discussion about the pros and cons.

Fresh, in-season produce straight from the farm tastes much better than what you generally end up with from the grocery store (who doesn’t love produce from a farmer’s market?). The farmers are paid money in advance out of the “shares” that are sold and a lot of the middlemen are cut out. I feel like the increasingly urban nature of our society, particularly the population density and overall size of our major cities, has negatively impacted a number of different aspects of our daily lives. Some we think about and some we don’t. The impact on agriculture and the lives of farm families is one people probably don’t think about too much. However, this fall’s salmonella stpaul outbreak brought some of these issues to the forefront and more people are starting to “eat local” (or at least to be more interested in the concept).

I did some research and found this government website that has links to different sites with information about CSA. From there I went to Local Harvest and found a farm near where I am moving to. This one even includes discounts for gardening “sweat equity” which means that I’ll get to help grow the food too. I probably won’t be in time to sign up for this season, but they also have a farmer’s market on Sunday where the CSA has a stall to sell the “extra” produce from the farm. I’m definitely going to check them out.

When I told my co-worker about this today he thought I was making a joke. Apparently CSA is too green/granola/liberal to be believable from a “scary Republican” like me.


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