Fall Fun

October 7, 2008 at 12:30 am | Posted in Fun Stuff | 3 Comments

While there are downsides to moving around and about the country, there are also some benefits. The different cities, states and regions of the country I’ve lived in have left me with a wide variety of experiences and memories.

The Galveston of my youth was Summer family day trips to the beach and crabbing off the piers (the ones Hurricane Ike destroyed). We also spent a lot of time water-skiing and camping. Mom especially loved the camping- because she stayed home and got a vacation from all of the kids and Dad for a week at a time! Who can forget New Braunfels and tubing down the river. Winter meant fishing trips with Dad to Lake Somerville or Lake Conroe with Go Texan Day, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and the world’s greatest chili cook-off heralding the end of winter and the onset of Spring. Springtime in the Southeast and Northeast can be beautiful with tulips, daffodils and wisteria coloring the land, but nothing compares to the wildflower fields of the Texas Hill Country in the Spring.

Since moving to New Jersey I’ve added some new experiences to the list. I’ve seen some Broadway shows. The first two with ABW and Gunner! My first time shoveling snow- after my first ever blizzard that dumped over 24″ of snow in less than a day (definitely memorable). Seeing rats in the subway tunnels of NYC usually doesn’t even register anymore and I’ve managed to obtain a reasonable enough approximation of the NYC attitude when in Manhattan that the panhandlers mostly leave me alone. I’ve even become blase’ about seeing the Empire State Building at the end of the street each night as I drive home from work.

This is starting to change a bit though, I guess because I know that this is my last Fall in the area. With any luck I’ll be gone before the first real snowfall, but in the meantime I’m starting to store up memories and do more of the things that I’ve wanted to do, but just haven’t gotten around to. This past weekend I did something I had wanted to do since moving here in 2005. I went apple picking!

Apple picking just isn’t something I ever had a chance to do growing up. Apparently it is possible to grow apples in Texas if you have the right variety of tree, but only two varieties are recommended for where I was raised and I can’t think of anyone I knew with an apple tree.

It was funny, I went apple picking with a close friend from work and two of her childhood friends. They all had been many times before and had a lot of family/childhood memories of apple picking. They almost seemed sorry for me that I had never picked an apple before and couldn’t seem to comprehend how it was possible. I explained that we had pear and peach trees in the front yard, the next door neighbor had a pomegranate tree, there was a kumquat tree two doors down and a blackberry bush across the street, all of which were fair game for the neighborhood kids. Plus there were trees in people’s back yards that you could pick from with permission (our fig tree, a neighbor’s plum trees, etc.). They still thought I was deprived of an experience every child should have.

As I move around, sometimes it really strikes me how diverse people’s opinions of “normal” childhood experiences can be based on something as simple as where they were raised. I feel lucky to have had so many different experiences and to have been able to see different “ways” of life around the country. At the same time, I think I’m ready to be somewhere for a while. Luckily I’m moving away from blizzards!

Here are a few more pictures from the farm(you should be able to enlarge them by right clicking):



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  1. Ahh, yes, picking apples in the crisp fall air is a delightful experience. Your post brought back a lot of memories. I shared some of them on my blog.
    Thanks for the memories….


  2. I’ve never picked apples either. Hmmmmm….maybe I am missing out on something? But, the list of things I have done is extensive from getting an acorn in a dirty diaper to climbing Ayers Rock–okay, okay, I was on my dad’s back, but still!

  3. I’m glad you liked the story Gypsy at Heart. Hopefully I didn’t spoil one of the slips you have waiting in the memory box from the kids :)

    ABW- if I had known how much fun it would be, I would have forced you and Chris to go apple picking when you visited.

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