Road 2 Recovery

August 28, 2008 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Disabilities, Military, Rehabilitation | Leave a comment

In my last post I wrote about receiving a surprise email today from Thunder 6 of 365 and a Wakeup. The email he sent was a solicitation of support for a charity ride. Thunder 6 is participating in the Road 2 Recovery charity bike ride in California. He will ride from a Veterans hospital in San Francisco to one in Los Angeles (September 28- October 4th) to raise money. Here is what he is raising the money for in his own words:

More then two years have passed since those fire bright days in Iraq, but several Soldiers I served alongside still struggle to recover from the physical and psychological wounds of our deployment. Within the last year the Veterans Administration (VA) has started to implement a new recreational therapy program to help my Soldiers, and others like them, begin to become whole again. The program utilizes cycling to help injured Soldiers regain a sense of normalcy and accomplishment during their recovery process. Cycling is a low impact activity that combines the health benefits of physical activity with the psychological benefits of being outdoors, and it has been shown to reduce depression and accompanying issues.

It would be impossible to overstate the value and impact of therapeutic recreation activities during the recovery process. It is a vital component of rehabilitation of physical injuries, both because of the opportunities rec therapy provides to learn and test new skills in a “real life” setting as well as the social and psychological benefits. Despite ADA, there are still many obstacles and challenges waiting outside the hospital doors for individuals with disabilities. Recreational therapy takes people in rehab out into the “real world” where they can learn through experience how to adapt to the new challenges they are facing and how to use the skills they have learned through OT and PT to improvise and overcome obstacles.

One injured soldier who has participated in both the Road 2 Recovery program at Walter Reed and the East Coast charity ride earlier this summer is Captain Ferris Butler. Captain Butler rode in the East Coast Road 2 Recovery charity ride approximately a year and a half after being injured in Iraq and only two moths after his 53rd surgery- the amputation of his left leg. You can read about him, the East Coast charity ride and Road 2 Recovery in USA Today and at

In the automatic signature added at the end of his email Thunder 6 has a link to his blog and the motto “Rangers Lead The Way”. That’s exactly what he is doing through his efforts to support this program. If you would like to help him achieve his objective, follow the directions here to sponsor his ridership.


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