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August 22, 2008 at 10:00 pm | Posted in Blogging, Military | 10 Comments

There is a new link on the blogroll.  Some of you have noticed that there has been a new commenter here the past few days.  Zolnierz is an American soldier currently deployed to Iraq.  He has a blog with some really great pictures.  The posts are pretty good too…at least the little of them I manage to understand.   He’s originally from Poland and blogs in Polish, so I’m not always entirely sure what he is writing about.    For example, these pictures from an Iraqi Bazaar give you a very different view on Iraqi life than what you can find on the news and in newspapers.  He some great shots from other places as well.



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  1. Thank you for the kind words. Oh by the way, I am absolutely amazed at your command of Polish language! You summed up my post very welll :). I am inviting you to see pictures I just posted – my trip to a very creepy abandoned US base – something straight out of the horror movie.

  2. Thank you for such kind words. Oh by the way, your command of Polish language is absolutely amazing! You could not pick a better word! I am inviting you to see my pics from an abandoned US base. Something straight out of a scary movie…

  3. My comments are not posting :(

  4. Ok, lets try for the third time. Thanks for the kind words :) Oh by the way, your command of the Polish Language is absolutely amazing! Hey, I just posted new pictures, check them out!

  5. Oh, they were posting. Just not right away I guess.

  6. WordPress Blogs have a spam filter for comments. It usually only puts comments with links or flagged words into moderation though. I can’t figure out why yours were there. I fished them out for you.

    I’m glad to hear the Polish worked out. I wasn’t quite sure if it would comes across right or not. I also had a hard time figuring out where to enter things and which button to press on the comment form :)

  7. I just found another one in the spam filter! It posts them in the order they are submitted, so this thread isn’t going to make much sense. Anyway, hopefully the spam filter will learn that you are OK. I wonder why it put your comments in moderation today when it didn’t before?

  8. I have no idea what is up with your blog. I say you cancel it all together and open one on the Polish server! :) Just kidding. You should delete all those comments, leaving only one. Three comments that say the same thing with slight change of wordings are just weird. Makes me almost sound like a stalker :). Anyway, I just posted a couple new pics, to include the iraqi famale cops. Pretty Cool.

  9. My comments are not posting again :( Your blog doesn’t like Polish visitors. Check me out, I got new pics of Iraqi female Policewomen. Brave girls.

  10. I don’t know why it isn’t posting your comments. Maybe it’s time for an investigation? You can experiment and see what is different between the ones that get through and the ones that don’t. I don’t see any of the words that should get them classified as spam in them.

    I think there is some type of blogging etiquette rule against deleting comments. Besides, I’ve never had a stalker before :)

    I didn’t get a chance to check your blog out yet, but will after work. I should even get a new post up tonight!

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