August 18, 2008 at 6:50 pm | Posted in Blogging | 8 Comments

I just looked at the blog and can’t believe I haven’t posted in two weeks.  I have a few half-written posts in draft form, but they are far from ready to post.  It seems like just yesterday I posted the sign picture (although it clearly wasn’t).

A lot has happened in the last two weeks, most of which I’m not going to be blogging about.  I will say that I only have a few more months of living in NJ to look forward to. Yay!  The move is a good thing, but very stressful at the same time.  There may be some periods here and there where I blog very intermittently, but I’m not going to abandon the blog like I have so many others.  I’ve found that I actually enjoy this.



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  1. So….where are you going?

  2. I sent you an email Gypsy at Heart. I guess ABW has been too distracted by Gunner’s R&R to tell you the news! As for where I am going, it’s somewhere warm where I will no longer be considered a scary Republican.

  3. Check the scarlett letter post…I gave you a link for a shirt you need to get.

  4. Thanks for the link Outlaw 13. I left you a response for you on the other thread (since that’s where I was when I saw it) about needing to get this t-shirt for a co-worker’s husband. He’ll love it and she’ll be less than thrilled. Luckily we’re friendly enough that I think I’ll survive her reaction.

  5. New Jersey, huh? Half of my fellow staff officers are from NJ. Someone said that the governors of NJ have bad luck: One of them had a serious car incident, and the last one was rear-ended few times as well…. :)

  6. I guess you work with some of the few nearly sane New Jersians then- they at least had the good sense to get out of here! As far as the governors of New Jersey are concerned, I wouldn’t say it was bad luck as much as it was stupidity. Good joke tying them together though :)

    Thanks for stopping by (and commenting).

  7. Yes, you can add a link to my blog. As a matter of fact I would like it very much :) What did you get out of the translation of my last post? Hint – the title “Bunt” means mutiny in English.

  8. What I got out of it is that you- and too many others- have been stuck on staff for far too long! Your lesbian reincarnation joke tale in the new one was funny :)

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