The Collaborative Story Book

July 3, 2008 at 11:10 pm | Posted in Thursday Images | 6 Comments

Recently I found out about a project of an artist named Rick Mobbs. Each Thursday he posts an image prompt on his blog Mine Enemy Grows Older, people write in response to the image prompt and then link back to the post at his blog. He is also gathering the responses to the image prompts in a collaborative story book maintained in its own blog.

Although I have been watching the collaborative story book for a little while now, I never thought I would contribute something of my own. I’m not much of a creative writer and the images haven’t really “spoken” to me in the past. However, this week’s image prompt took me back to a different time and place. I wasn’t just thinking about that moment in time when I looked at the image, I was reliving the moment and the experience was bittersweet. My contribution to the collaborative story book is after the jump. It’s quite different than what I normally post here.


Rick Mobbs

Harbor Lights

You were thousands of miles away the night of the party. We were separated by an ocean and so much more, yet I felt you with me. As the ship passed by the holiday lights on shore, I felt your love and I was at peace. In that moment your presence in my life could not have been stronger, even if you were sitting next to me holding my hand. I miss that connection…I miss you. I wish I understood what happened to us.



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  1. Beautiful, and I can personally relate. Thanks for linking. I hope you’ll write again. I’ll post a link when things slow down over here.

  2. Thank you for the comment Rick. If you hadn’t already had one commenter trying to buy the work I would ask if it was for sale. It really did make a very strong connection with some of my memories.

  3. Time for those prints Rick. Is the original for sale? I know where it is.

  4. I should have posted that on Rick’s page. I really liked what you wrote about the painting. I own a lot of Rick’s art and have enjoyed reading what has been written about the pieces I have on my walls. I think he should have prints made of some of his work. If you are interested in that painting encourage him to make prints or ask he if he is selling it.

  5. Don’t worry about the comment Randy- it was nice to see that at least two people read this post. Without comments, I sometimes wonder if the only “visitors” to my posts are spambots. It must be very interesting to read what others write based upon the works you own. Responses to art are so highly individualistic. I’m glad I stumbled upon his project.

  6. […] Harbor Lights, a first post from the author of the blog, abwfriend […]

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