Crazy College Days

June 25, 2008 at 9:46 pm | Posted in Aggies, Blast from the Past, Blogging, Military | 10 Comments

Note: This story is the result of a few comments exchanged with LT. Nixon on his blog. Some of the things in this story will make more sense if you read the comments at his blog. I’m too lazy to explain it all here right now.

As some of you know, I attended Texas A&M when first out of high school and consider myself an Aggie (even though I didn’t graduate from A&M). One of the most ridiculous stories I remember from my time there actually involves a girl from my dorm freshman year. I’ll call her Dorm Girl. Dorm Girl was a nice, sweet girl – and more than a little attractive LT. N- but was clearly at A&M pursuing the MRS rather than the BA or BS.

Dorm Girl kept a picture of her grandfather in a silver frame on her desk. He graduated from A&M back when it was still all military and was in his corps uniform in the picture, complete with Aggie Senior Boots. She was more than just a little obsessed with dating guys in the Corps. In other words, she was what people would call a “Corps Whore” or “Quad Queen” (the dorms for the Corps of Cadets were in a “quad” formation). I don’t recall her dating anyone who was not in the Corps during the two semesters we lived in the same dorm.

Anyway, home football games at A&M are a big deal and, for many students, a prime date opportunity. Dorm Girl always had a date for the games. One week I was out in the hallway with a bunch of other girls studying for an upcoming test when Dorm girl burst out of the stairwell into the hallway. She was clearly very excited about something and dying to tell us all.

Before anyone had the chance to even ask what had her so worked up, Dorm Girl looked at us and shrieked “I’VE GOT A DATE WITH BOOTS FOR THE GAME!” No, his name was not boots and it was not a nickname either. This poor soul was a senior in the Corps of Cadets with Senior Boots and Dorm Girl had reached Nirvana because she was finally attending a home football game as the date of a pair of brown leather boots. It still amuses me to remember the scene.

Stay tuned. There will be another post involving Dorm Girl, the Corps of Cadets and (gasp) me coming soon.



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  1. Perhaps my comment about A&M and heifers was a bit crass. The best way to pwn me is to post pictures of your wild college days and prove me wrong.

    Haha, funny story. I wonder how many are in college for the MRS degree these days. Are those boots really that cool?

  2. Haha, I just clicked on the link and it’s a gay guy with a boot fetish. I got Boot-Roll’d!

  3. LT N-

    Sorry to disappoint, but I won’t be posting any pictures of myself from any time period. I don’t know how many are in college for the MRS degree these days, but Dorm Girl was open and honest that it was her main goal. She did well in her coursework too (at least she did freshman year), but didn’t have any occupational ambitions. It’s not the route I chose to go, but she didn’t try to pass herself off as career-minded to the people she dated. So, no harm no foul. There are still guys out there who would prefer a more “traditional” spouse. Hopefully she found one of them.

  4. Yeah, some of the “poses” the guys from the Corps are in on that particular blog are…interesting to say the least. At least they were all fully clothed! Plus, you can really see the boots in the picture and that was the point after all :)

  5. Almost forgot- and maybe I shouldn’t ask (or you shouldn’t tell)- did you submit your personal ad to be posted on the site? I’m sure you could find someone into your uniform boots :)

  6. Haha, the gay boot fetish isn’t my cup of tea.

  7. I’m more than a little afraid of the fact that I might get visitors who find this site by searching for gay boot fetish. Thanks for the contribution LT. Nixon ;)

  8. I stopped by from Lt. Nixon’s blog. Being from a long line of Aggies, I got a kick out of this post. Yes, the boots are a big deal. I remember my mom and aunt oohing and awing over such stuff. I even have a funny story of my mom pushing me to “get an Aggie” after A&M paraded down the street in downtown Dallas. It was at a family reunion – don’t all Aggies have family reunions at football games?

  9. Thanks for stopping by Lou!

    I’m not from a long line of Aggies- my parents aren’t from Texas and my brother was actually the first in the family to graduate from TAMU. I ended up finishing my degree elsewhere, but loved my time in Aggieland.

    I have the second story I refer to at the end of the post in process and should post it in a day or two. It’s a bit different than this one, but funny in it’s own way (at least I think it is). Hopefully you will be back again to see it :)

  10. There are always going to be men AND women out there gay or straight with boot fetishes. It’s a part of their interest, whether it’s a just a general interesting in the footwear or a sexual desire.
    I believe its a healthier fetish than some of them out there, such as BDSM, Scat, Golden Showers, and Felching.

    Personally, I look at the pics because most of the guys are really handsome! :)

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