Now Code Pink is Begging for Attention?

May 8, 2008 at 11:33 pm | Posted in Bizarre News, Military | 5 Comments

I was minding my own business surfing around news sites on the web this afternoon when I stumbled upon this story. Apparently the Code Pink Protesters in Berkeley have had a special series of “themes” for their protests this week in what Fox News called an “homage” to Mother’s Day. For example, Monday was dedicated to grandmothers and Wednesday was “Bring your daughter to the protest day”. I guess most of them don’t have jobs to take their daughters to for “Take your daughter to work day” and attending a protest is some kind of a substitute.

Tomorrow is going to have the best theme of the week. It will be “Witches, clowns and sirens day”. I’ve seen enough pictures of the Code Pink protesters to know they don’t mean Sirens like in mythology. At least I hope they don’t…that would be some serious delusional thought. You don’t believe me? Check these Pinkos out:

I could have sworn I read somewhere that everyone in Code Pink is female. I’m not so sure anymore.

The city of Berkeley has gone out of their way to provide support for Code Pink. The members of Code Pink are clearly media whores as well, yet it doesn’t seem to be working out for them.

The group frequently announces bizarre theme weeks in front of the office, but their numbers have been dwindling and the events get little media attention.

Now, after three months of continual protest, their actions barely capture the attention of even the Marines at the recruiting center.

The best part of the article had to be the quotes from the recruiters about Code Pink in general and the “theme week” specifically. Here are a few of my favorites:

“They’re always in pink and wear funny things, half-shaved heads, one side with hair and the other one bald, yeah, I’m pretty much used to anything,”


As for what’s brewing outside his recruiting center this week, Wheatcroft responded, “I think witches won’t shock me, but it’ll be a change of pace, so that’s nice.

“Do you think they’ll bring their cauldron?”

Poor Code Pink. They are becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of protest groups. Even the Berkeley College Republicans are dissing them these days. Worse news for Code Pink…their protests are actually helping the recruiters!

But if events this week are an attempt by anti-war protesters to remarket their cause, the Marine recruiters in Berkeley tell that Code Pink’s presence outside their office has helped — not hindered — their mission.

“Ironically, it’s actually helped us by putting our name out. We’re now well known. And people know who we are, and where we are, and they come in to talk to us about enlisting. They’ve gotten us the publicity that we could’ve never afforded to pay for ourselves,” Wheatcroft told

It’s such a shame. Bless their crazy in pink hearts, they started protesting with high hopes and goals of shutting the Marine Corps recruiting station down and instead they’ve enticed more potential recruits to explore becoming a US Marine.

Actually, in all honesty I don’t feel bad for them at all. I have no sympathy for people who parade around with signs like this one.



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  1. Berkeley is full of “Fruits & Nuts, don’t you know. You have never known “LIBERAL” until you know Berkeley.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Uncle Dan. I have never been to Berkeley- the protest “scene” around there certainly sounds interesting.

  3. My dad might be the only sane and conservative person that came out of Berkeley!

  4. Ummm….what about Uncle Dan? Your Dad might not be the only one.

  5. I have always wondered how DH managed to remain clean-cut, conservative, and focused after he attened, and graduated, from UC Berkeley. Maybe it was because he actually wanted to get a proper education there?

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