Near Death Experience

May 8, 2008 at 8:54 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

The other night I had a near death experience. OK, I might be exaggerating just a little bit…but it was a close call. I posted a Wordless Wednesday a while back showing pictures of some of the deer found around where I work (keep in my mind, I work in the suburbs not the country).

Two nights ago I had to stay late for a meeting and ended up not leaving the complex until after 9:30 p.m. I was minding my own business driving down the hill when a deer appeared out of nowhere right in front of my car. I stepped on the brakes as quickly as I could while my purse, bag, etc. went flying off the passenger seat onto the floorboard. Literally two feet separated the car from the deer as he ran past. Once he was clear, I looked to each side and then started moving again. Wham! Another deer appears. This one seemed even closer than the first one. Probably because of how erratically he was running across the road. I waited a bit after that one crossed before continuing down the road out of the complex.

I didn’t heat either of these deer, but I have run into one before. It was a mess. I was on a country road in Texas, heading from one college town to another, a few days before final exams started, to attend a party a friend was having. It was only an hour or so away (Mom and Dad had no knowledge of these plans). A deer that was much bigger than the ones at work jumped out in front of me and I didn’t have time to stop. There was damage on the driver side quarter panel, to the grill, the hood and the front bumper. There was also a little bit of blood and some deer fur stuck in the grill. I left the deer fur in the grill until after the insurance adjuster looked at the car because I was kind of worried they wouldn’t believe me about what happened.

I did manage to have some fun at the party and the car was, luckily, still driveable. I still had to figure out how to tell mom and dad about the circumstances. They paid for the car insurance and dad owned the car I drove at the time. Telling them went better than I ever thought it would.

Even though that deer incident worked out well in the end, I have no desire to hit any deer with cars now or in the future. I can do without a repeat.



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  1. Are these deer’s lives so bad thst they have gone off the deep end are trying to throw themselves in front of you? Someone needs to organize a counseling session for the local deer:)

  2. If they aren’t satisfied with the living conditions I don’t know what to think. No hunters, it’s a nice suburb with lots of tasty landscaping available for snacking, and we’re also close to a large park/nature reserve where there is plenty of room to roam. To be honest, the wild turkey are more of a problem than the deer!

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