Even more Tanks in the News!

April 8, 2008 at 9:30 pm | Posted in Bizarre News, Military | 5 Comments

I just finished the best story I’ve read all week. I’ve written about “Tanks in the News” before, including the occasional bizarre tank story. Thanks to Gunner (ABW’s husband), I do tend to notice tank stories when they are out there.

A college student at Kettering University in Michigan built his own tank. Yes, you read that right, he built a tank! It is a half size replica of a German Panzer from WWII that can shoot golf balls through the scuba tank powered cannon. The tank even has it’s own reserved parking space next to his frat house.

A write-up about the tank was published in the Flint Journal. My two favorite parts of the story?

1. Putting the tank construction on his resume helped him land a summer job with a company that manufactures armored vehicles.

2. This quote about being pulled over by the cops: “I tried to not mention that it had a working cannon on top.” (undoubtedly a good choice)

Here is the video produced to go along with the article.

Best quote from the video- “All you need is a slow moving vehicle sign apparently and it’s…it’s technically a tractor. You put an orange triangle on there and you can drive it on the road”.

Awesome. Anyone wanna build one for me?



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  1. A Panzer has got to impress the ladies. You could show up at a club with it!

  2. Neat stuff!


  3. Glad you both liked it. I thought it was pretty cool. However, I don’t know about impressing the ladies with the Panzer, LT Nixon. The tank/man size ratio is a bit off and it did make me giggle the first time I saw the driver’s head pop out of the hatch. It looked like the tank version of a little clown car!

  4. That’s hilarious. I’d take one to speed to the gym in! Of course if it is anything like Gunner’s tank it will be constantly broken.

  5. My first thought was that the roads and sidewalks in Kosovo bear tank treads. I didn’t see any from this one. maybe it is lighter?

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