I have a confession…

April 4, 2008 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Military, Quizzes | 4 Comments

I have a slight addiction to silly internet quizzes. I took this one today. I don’t know why I was surprised by the results. I really should have expected this answer!

Which type of US military vehicle are you?

M1 Abrams

A powerful Medium-speed heavy combat tank

Personality Test Results

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  1. You know the old saying….
    “ask a silly question, get a silly answer”…..but they are kinda’ fun.

  2. What were you Gypsy at Heart? ABW was a little upset that she wasn’t a tank the first time she took the quiz…apparently she should have been a tank instead of me since Gunner is her husband :)

  3. There is nothing wrong with being a tank. That is a good picture of an M1/A2 SEP. I love my job. (sometimes)

  4. Yay! Gunner commented from Iraq. I am special :)

    I have no problems with being a tank, your wife is the one who kept taking the quiz over and over when she didn’t get a tank for her answer! Poor ABW….

    Hopefully right now you are loving your job at least a little.

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