Tanks in the News Part 2

March 10, 2008 at 4:30 pm | Posted in Bizarre News, Military | 2 Comments

Yesterday I posted about a series of articles on the role of tanks in the military. I think the series was well written and does a good job of providing both a historical perspective of the role of tanks and support for the continuing importance of a strong armor component in national defense. This was what you could call a “serious” post based on “real” news. I have another article to write about. This one isn’t what I would call “serious” and I’m actually categorizing this post in my “Bizarre News” category. Here is how it starts:

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A Russian tank crashed through a villager’s house after the crew stopped to buy more vodka at a nearby shop.

Footage from a mobile phone camera showed the tank hitting a corner of the house and a laughing, and apparently drunk, driver awkwardly trying to clamber aboard with two bottles of vodka.

The quote from the military spokesperson toward the end of the story was amusing. Somehow I don’t think the US Army would be quite so accepting of a tank crew making a “pit stop” for Vodka during a training exercise.



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  1. Every time I read this or think of this I laugh! I told Gunner to steer clear of all liquor stores while deployed….oh wait there aren’t any in the desert.

  2. After hearing him talk about the soldier who was “counseled” for wearing black socks with a PT uniform, I was pretty sure Vodka wouldn’t fly ;)

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