There’s something in the water!

March 9, 2008 at 9:30 pm | Posted in Bizarre News, Interesting Reads, Military | 2 Comments

I’ve always loved the water. I learned how to swim before I could walk. I did “forget” how to swim over the course of my first winter and had to learn again, but I was definitely a water baby.

My affinity for the water wasn’t restricted to swimming and never really ended. Even as a child I loved baths. Once I was old enough to bathe unsupervised, it wasn’t unheard of for me to spend 45 minutes to an hour in the bathtub. In many cases it would have been longer, but my siblings objected! We had a pool in the backyard that I basically lived in over the summer, family vacations involved boating (fishing, skiing, etc) and I went to a summer sailing camp.

Even now, being near the water is something that has the power to soothe me. Lakes and rivers are good, but the sea is my “true love”. I love the feel, smell and taste of the air as you near the ocean. Even the slightly stinky dead fish smell can make me happy. Weird I know, but it’s just the way I am.

When I read this story in the online version of Stars and Stripes about soldiers fishing with Fruit Loops for bait in Baghdad, I couldn’t help but smile-especially when one of the soldiers seemed to be saying that a particular fish wasn’t biting because the fruit loop was green. The best quote though has to be this one:

“The thing is,” Kerley says, “if we did a fishing show, who would want to watch us out here cursing at fish and talking to turtles.”

I’m not so sure Staff Sgt Kerley is right. It sounds at least as exciting as the pro Bass fishing tournaments that get televised on cable! Apparently some of the fish Saddam stocked in the lakes in the Victory Base Complex are still alive. The article also said that the px at Camp Liberty has started selling fishing poles and that they sold out. I can believe that. I have a lot of good memories of fishing with my family, especially my Dad, and think it is something that I would find relaxing if I was over there.

While fishing in these lakes is something I can understand, I couldn’t believe it when I read this story about a guy from Florida. Swimming in alligator infested canals is clearly not a good choice. Since he lost an arm the first time, he had to have spent some time in the hospital and would have had a hard time feeding the crack habit while admitted. It looks like he’s either back on crack or just plain crazy. The deputies had to come out and save him from another alligator. The article states that he was admitted to the hospital under the Baker Act (e.g. involuntary commitment) after the second incident. For his sake, I hope this is the last time he goes swimming with the gators. The story quotes law enforcement as saying:

“If he gets in trouble again, we have to consider our safety next time, instead of his,”

If I was an officer called out on a third incident I think I’d have to let him figure his own way out.



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  1. If only Gunner would have the time to fish over there, I know he would be first in line.

    I’m with you on the sea. Everything about it.

  2. Maybe Gunner will end up nearby and have a chance!

    Reading about them using Fruit Loops, bread, and pieces of crossaint as bait reminded me of a summer camp for kids with cancer I volunteered at. Sometimes the older kids would use worms for bait, but pretty much everyone used rolled up pieces of bread. The fish loved it. It was a catch and release lake on the camp property, so I have a feeling they learned that it was safe to eat the bread pretty quickly :)

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