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February 26, 2008 at 11:20 pm | Posted in Interesting Reads | 5 Comments

I’m not sure if anyone besides ABW checks out the blogroll, so I could probably just as easily email this. I’m posting it anyway. There is a new addition- Newlywed Life…New Life. The author is a newly married wife of an Army officer/ West Point Grad who will be deploying in the not too distant future. She recently moved to Texas from New Jersey- we mean the exact opposite thing when we say we miss home! She’s been blogging for about a month now, so it won’t take you too long to catch up on what she has written so far. I read a lot more blogs than I link on the blogroll, so the fact that I added her blog the first day I found out about it should say something.  I definitely recommend checking her blog out.



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  1. You could call too. :)

    I’m off to visit.

  2. Thanks for the acknowledgement! Let me know how you like the Red Onion! ;)

  3. So how do we switch? How can you come to Texas and I go to … Fort Dix is it? Wordless Wednesday meet Freaky Friday.

  4. jlc- I would love to switch, I am a civilian/non- military dependent though. This means you would end up in NJ, but would be on your own for getting to Fort Dix. The only major problem I see is that I would want the switch to be permanent. I have a feeling you would want to be back in Texas around the time your husband redeploys :)

  5. Isn’t snow beautiful before it gets tramped down and spoiled?

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