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February 23, 2008 at 1:28 pm | Posted in Challenges | 2 Comments

If you look just under the header, you will see that there are currently three different “tabs” you can select. Each tab will take you to a different page on this site. I have things set up so that when people first arrive here they see the Blog entries. If you click on the “About” tab, it takes you from the blog page to the “About” page where I briefly describe why I started this site. Today I added a new tab that I am calling “Challenges”. I reserve the right to change the title of this tab, but for now it fits with my mindset.

I have a number of health related goals, many of which revolve around losing weight. So many health chronic health conditions are influenced by weight and lifestyle choices (e.g. diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol problems, etc). Unfortunately, my family has a history of a number of these conditions and my current weight and activity level put me at an increased risk for developing them. I want to reduce this risk, so I am making changes in my life that I hope will lead to weight loss and better overall health.

I have made a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle. I am going to drink more water (and less Diet Dr Pepper), eat fewer “treats” and be more physically active. I’ve already started making some of these changes, but I know that it won’t always be easy for me to maintain the course I have set for myself.

If you’ve read the “About” page, then you know that my friend ABW encouraged and motived me to start this blog. As usual, her motivation and encouragement have produced results (I’ll let each of you judge the quality of the results for yourself). In the past ABW and I have been “diet and exercise buddies”. I’ve always done better when buddied up with ABW than on my own- even though we’ve always tried this from separate states!

One thing we did that worked well in the past was to set a specific goal for an amount of weight loss in a certain period of time. At the end of that period of time, if we lost the weight we set for our goal the other person would pay for a reward. This provided both positive and occasionally negative reinforcement. On the positive side, when we met our goal we would receive a reward. However, if ABW met her goal and I didn’t meet mine, then I would not get my reward but would still have to buy hers! This would qualify as a negative reinforcer.

Last night we agreed to be “buddies” again. We each have different goal weights and different amounts of weight to lose to reach the goals. So, our targets for specific periods of time are also likely to vary. For this first “reward period” we ended up settling on the same amount of weight. We both want to lose 20 pounds by Memorial Day (May 26, 2008). We also agreed to a twist to the reward system this go-around. In the past we would set the rewards ahead of time and usually picked our own (often having the other person pay for us to get a mani/pedi). This time, we are going to set the amount to spend on the reward, but the reward itself will be a surprise chosen by the other person. ABW immediately said she knew what my reward will be. This is an excellent motivator for me. I can’t wait to see what she thought of so quickly! Don’t tell me what it is ABW- the surprise is going to help keep me on track :)

I set up the “Challenges” tab to keep track of our progress toward the mini-goals. If you go to the tab, you will see a countdown ticker I created at TickerFactory. You can create tickers for everything at this site- pregnancy, savings, countdown to a special event, etc. They have hundreds of combinations of ticker lines and sliders to choose from. I created one for the current mini-goal of 20 pounds. Right now my little frog hasn’t moved anywhere, but that’s because we are using Thursday’s weight as our starting weight and I haven’t re-weighed myself yet. I will keep updating the ticker between now and Memorial Day. I might post an occasional update to the blog, but not often. The ticker is my own personal reminder of where I am headed and a way for ABW and I to motivate each other through our progress (she is also posting one to her blog). Other people clicking on it will also be motivating, so feel free to check it out as often as you would like.



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  1. I did much better with you last time!!! I know we can do it.

    I’m hitting the gym tomorrow.

  2. Yes, we can do it and we will!

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