Squirrel Deception

February 22, 2008 at 4:59 pm | Posted in Bizarre News | Leave a comment

Based on previous comments, it seems like at least *some* of the readers of this blog are fans of the Bizarre News stories I find from time to time. Well, today I found another one.

The Discovery News Channel online published a story yesterday titled “Squirrels Fake Out Would-Be Nut Thieves”. When I saw the link to the story with this title, I knew it was a “must read”. The opening to the story says it all:

“Squirrels may be small and furry, but they’re also clever tricksters, suggests a new study that describes how eastern grey squirrels engage in behavioral, and perhaps even tactical, deception.”

I was particularly amused by this phrase because of hearing/reading the term “Secret Squirrel” applied in the military, particularly with respect to the “Secret Squirrel Ways” of the Air Force. I have read in blogs, and heard from friends, about the “fun” (sarcasm) of trying to get around using Air Force transportation. I have known more than one person who has been stranded in parts of Iraq, Afghanistan or Kuwait other than where they were “supposed” to be while waiting for flights coordinated by the AF.

The story reports on research published by Biologists in the journal Animal Behavior. One the statements the story makes about the research is that

“The study is the first to present evidence that any rodent deceives.”

I have a feeling there are some people out there who would argue that there was already plenty of evidence!

P.S.- I have another link to a squirrel/nut related story somewhere. If I find it in my email I’ll post it later today as a follow-up.


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