Readers and Search Terms

February 15, 2008 at 9:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

The posts that seem to draw readers in to this blog really have surprised me. I knew ABW would read regularly. She better after “motivating” me to start this! I also thought Gypsy at Heart would come by from time to time. I didn’t think anyone else would come by…at least not regularly. However, it looks like there is a very small, but steady, group of readers coming this way. I’m somewhat surprised that people come back for more of my ramblings.  Thank you for visiting!

A number of people also find their way here for the Wordless Wednesday posts. Then, there are the people who somehow stumble on this blog during an internet search. By far the most popular searches have lead people to my original post on the Miss America Fiasco and my follow-up posts on Miss Utah. I’m still getting new “visitors” who find this blog using search terms like “thoughts on Miss America 2008”, “Miss Utah Jill Stevens” and even “pageant committee”. A not very nice part of me hopes that some of these searches are being conducted by the Miss America pageant committee to see how their experiment went over this year.  The rest of me hopes that I will eventually draw new readers through posts on other topics.  I’d hate for those posts to be my blog equivalent of a one-hit wonder band.

Anyway, some of the other search terms make sense to me as well. “Spy museum”, “decorating octopus cakes” and “kidney stones days” seem to relate pretty closely to some of my posts. Others I just don’t get. Like someone finding me searching for “picture of my appendic” (yes, that is how it was spelled in the search term). Even more strange was that someone found me searching for “police terms abw”. I’m at a loss on that one.



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  1. To know you is to love you!

  2. They must have heard about my “chance meeting” with the NYPD?

  3. Thank you Gypsy at Heart. That was a very sweet thing to say.

  4. Thanks for reminding me about that Army Blogger Wife- I’ll have to post about it soon!

    Actually, I have discovered that “ABW” is sometimes used to stand for “Angry Black Woman”. I guess that makes me an angry black woman’s friend : )

  5. I got “fat tanning” the other day. Who knew?

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