Moms, kids and the emergency room

January 29, 2008 at 8:06 pm | Posted in ABW Family | 2 Comments

Hearing about the “adventure” ABW and Em had last night reminded me of a story from my childhood. My mom is a nurse and seemed to believe that only four things made a trip to the emergency room necessary: loss of limb, loss of consciousness, obvious need for stitches or the inability to breathe. Blood and pain were things you just lived through. From talking to other friends whose mothers are also nurses, I’ve come to see that this laid back attitude toward urgent medical care is fairly common.

At some point during the elementary school years I either knew someone who had an emergency appendectomy or heard a story about someone needing one. For quite some time after that, I was absolutely convinced that any pain in the abdominal area was coming from my appendix and that I must be in the early stages of appendicitis.

My mom had an interesting way of dealing with this. She would ask how bad the pain was. Horrible of course. Then she would ask what side of the abdomen the pain was on. If I said left, her response was, “Oh, the appendix is on the right side. It’s just a stomachache. ” If I told her the pain was on the right, she would say, “Oh, the appendix is on the left side. It’s just a stomachache.”

To this day, I always second guess myself about which side of the body the appendix is located on.



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  1. I was so sick when i was 13 and my mom just kept telling me it was a virus. Finally on the second day after talking to a nurse at my sister’s gymnastics class she rushed me to the hospital where I had my appendix out a few hours later.

    I can so see your mom doing this.

  2. Our moms are so much alike it’s scary :)

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