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Although I do have family and friends who are either currently serving or who have served, I am not in the military, not a milspouse, and was not raised in a military environment. Despite my lack of a direct military connection, I’ve come to have a strong interest in milblogs. One of the ones I like to read is SpouseBuzz. It’s kind of strange seeing as how I am not a military spouse, but I love reading the posts and comments from military family members. Today there was a post titled Milspouse Hobbies. I read the comments and think I may have found a secret twin from whom I was separated at birth.

In her comment, HH7 wrote:

I would say it’s more like I have great intentions of getting into a hobby but never really have the time to sit down and focus thanks to a full time job and the usual errands and chores that need to be taken care of on days off. Although this last deployment I managed to take up cake decorating and actually got quite a few projects done from start to finish.

Other hobbies? Can I call them that? Ummm…finding new recipes to try out in the kitchen (they end up shoved in a drawer never to be tasted), scrapbooking (have all the supplies and plenty of pics, no time to put it all together on a pretty sheet of paper), reading (stacks of books piled up and collecting dust), and learning to sew (brand new machine, plenty of fabric, again…no time).

I have mastered the weekend afternoon nap though. That’s my favorite! ;p

This comment is so me. Well, with the exception of having to deal with deployment-related stress. Reading has been a lifelong hobby of mine, I love to try new recipes, I have bought (and not used) untold amounts of scrapbooking supplies, and I barely know how to sew. With the sewing I try to rationalize not using the machine by reminding myself that Mom never finished teaching me how to use it, but I know there are plenty of self-help books and that just isn’t a valid excuse.

With cooking, I enjoy trying all different kinds of recipes but baking is probably my favorite activity in the kitchen. Recently I have developed a fondness for the fancy NordicWare cake pans that borders on obsession. I’m too embarrassed to admit how many of the pans I own, but I will show you the newest one in my collection. For my last birthday my co-workers gave me this Octopus Cake Pan:

It was an absolutely perfect gift for me. I was as excited as a four year old on Christmas morning. Last week we celebrated the birthday of another co-worker and I baked a cake in the Octopus Pan for his birthday. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

(If I managed to insert it correctly, the picture should enlarge when you right click it)

Baking and decorating the cake was a lot of fun. This particular pan came from Williams-Sonoma and a recipe was included with the pan for a cinnamon flavored cake with a sweet glaze. I made the lavender icing and used pastry bags and decorating tips to make the suction cups. Smartees candies were used to emphasize the larger suction cups. I also used some raw sugar on the sides of the cake to simulate sand and (attempted) to use icing pens to add seaweed on the sides. I need to work a bit more on the seaweed, but overall I am happy with how it turned out. Another co-worker has requested a pink one for her birthday, so I guess it went over well :) Even better, ABW and Gunner gave me a gift card for Williams-Sonoma for my birthday. I think I’m going to start using it by buying myself this:

Thanks Gunner and ABW!


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  1. I’m glad you like the gift card! Can’t wait till you make some cakes for us. Ab’s birthday is around the corner, hint hint.

  2. I didn’t like the gift card….I love it. I would be very happy to bake for all of you- Abs included. Does this mean you are coming up here for a visit?

  3. Hmmmm…..there’s one of you and 5 of us…..you should come here!

  4. But what would I do with Jesse?

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