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January 27, 2008 at 6:29 pm | Posted in Interesting Reads | 2 Comments

Starting this blog was a “spur of the moment” decision and I’m still trying to get my blogroll the way I want it. Some of the blogs I read regularly haven’t even made it on the list yet. Not because they aren’t good reads, but because I have a vision of how I want my list to appear that I haven’t managed to make a reality yet. I did create a category called “Humor” on the blogroll. Some of these blogs are only humor and some are a mix. Today I want to introduce you to one that is a “Must Read” for me on Sundays. I read it other days as well, but make it a point to check this blog on Sundays.

Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated is one of those “mixed” blogs. I’m not sure how I originally stumbled onto his blog, but it was quickly bookmarked. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, Mostly Cajun is a Louisiana Blogger. I’m originally from Texas and used to drive through his corner of Louisiana regularly going to/from home and grad school. It’s kind of strange to read some of his posts and realize that I know the location from interstate exits only. He writes about diverse topics and has an interesting viewpoint (He was even a tank instructor at Fort Knox way back when). My favorite part of his blog has to be the continuing series he calls “The Name Game”.

In TNG, he reports the names published in the birth announcements of his local newspapers. Not all of the names, but all of the special ones. These are names which are spelled unusually, include creative use of punctuation, or appear to be flat out made-up (among other things). I have a number of friends who are teachers and have worked with kids quite a bit myself. Parents do seem to be going overboard in the search for “unique” baby names these days.

Anyway, ABW asked about his blog on the phone last night and I had her go check out some of the TNG posts. She especially liked the competition for 2007 Name of the Year. Although Ta’Kyra LaSauna MaHaven,Zsatyrance X’yza-Markel, and the twins Ta’Clinton Dwayne and Ja’Clinton Wayne received votes, the eventual winner was D’Nhyarinaie Da’Macaie Kty’Legene. Please note that all of these names also have last names associated with them. The last names just aren’t printed in his posts.

You can read this week’s “The Name Game” here.

P.S.- He’s even posted some bean and bean soup recipes (Gunner is going to want to kill me for this).



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  1. If only I had seen this blog before I named Junior. I would have tried to put him in the running for name of the year!

  2. One of your choices for a middle name if Junior was a girl would have put you in the running for name of the week (Waynette), but all your first name choices for both boys and girls were too normal to make either list :)

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