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Hmmm…..I finally succumb to the intense peer pressure and start a blog only to have ABW write a post about me one day later. I told you she is persuasive and a motivator! I still tell people the story about that scorched box and laugh about it. You have no idea how many times I told ABW that Gunner’s package had to be among the burned boxes. She laughed at me about it…until he received it with the scorch marks!

ABW’s post honestly makes me sound better with the cards and letters than I really am. I did pretty good Gunner’s first year in Iraq. I mainly reached my goal of two pieces of mail a week. I would usually write one longer letter on Sunday and then send something shorter later in the week, generally on Thursday. The longer letter was about the minutiae of my life (which probably helped Gunner a lot on sleepless nights) and stories from home that I either thought ABW might not have written about or thought Gunner could use another version of ;)  The shorter letters were often cards with a paragraph or two inside. Either that or Bizarre News articles I found online. I may have to link to some of the ones I send this year so you get the idea. I also tried to send packages twice a month. I had written to him the year he was in Bosnia after they first married (not as often though, and not as many packages). During Gunner’s second deployment to Iraq I didn’t do as well with the mail. I think I averaged a letter a week, but I felt like a crummy friend for not sending as much as I had during his first trip to the Sandbox. I’m going to do better this time. I already have the makings of a care package ready to send. I’ll save that story for another post though.


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  1. But during the second deployment, when I needed it most, you stepped in and made sure he was covered when I couldn’t do it! That counts double. :)

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