Attention Miss America Pageant Committee

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So, this year you decided to change the pageant and make it “more relevant” (e.g. try and get the ratings freefall to stop). This meant a reality tv show on TLC and letting the American Public vote on an “America’s Choice” contestant who would be the 16th semi-finalist in tonight’s competition. Well, we voted and told you who we wanted.

Jill Stevens, Miss Utah

Not only is Jill Stevens Miss Utah, she is also SGT Jill Stevens of the Utah National Guard.

(Cover of December 2007 Soldier’s Magazine)

She served proudly in Afghanistan and was awarded the Combat Medic Badge. The CMB isn’t something a medic gets for just showing up at work. Read here and here for more information about SGT Stevens.

I’ll admit it, I am a bit of a reality tv addict. I watched the show on TLC and I voted for Miss Utah, SGT Jill Stevens. I’m sure my votes alone didn’t put her over the top as “America’s Choice”. I’m also sure that my votes, and all of the others she received, didn’t mean diddly-squat to your judges. After revealing the semi-finalists they went to the swimsuit competition and then narrowed the field down to 10. Miss Utah was cut at this point. You want Miss America to be relevant? You want people to actually tune in and watch the pageant? Maybe you should listen to the public then. We voted for Miss Utah and your judges gave us the middle finger salute the first chance they had. I turned the tv off as soon as it was announced that she was “cut”. I wonder how many other people watching did the same thing?

Update: You can contact the Miss America organization at to let them know what you think. I did!

Update # 2: Apparently Miss Utah has an international following as well- beyond her audience in Afghanistan that is. The Sunday Times of London had this to say:

From The Sunday Times
January 27, 2008
GI Jill Stevens swaps helmet for tiara
Sara Hashash

A SOLDIER in the American army became the first veteran of a combat zone to compete in the Miss America beauty pageant last night.

Sergeant Jill Stevens, 24, known to her comrades as “GI Jill”, is a tomboy who has always been more interested in football than make-up.

When a friend suggested she try for a Utah beauty pageant title, her first reaction was to burst out laughing. “There’s no way!” she said. “I wear combat boots, okay? I don’t do heels.”

She went on to win the Miss Utah title at her second attempt. Stevens, a qualified nurse, has served in the National Guard for six years and was deployed to Afghanistan at the age of 20. She was based for a year at Bagram, near Kabul, as a combat medic, and has since become involved with a charity for Afghan children.

Stevens says being a beauty queen is as tough as being in the army as “it’s difficult being a lady”.


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